Create a Clear & Clever Tagline

You can finish the thought with a Value Proposition.

Elevator Pitch

When crafting an elevator pitch, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and follow this formula: Problem + Solution + Results = Elevator Pitch. What problem is your customer facing? What are some of the gaps that need to be filled? What is your proposed solution – the answer to your customer’s problem? What have some of your other customers experienced as a result of your solution?

The Process

What to Expect
Help set and manage client expectations.
Keep it Simple
Because no one ever remembers 15 steps.
Let Them Know...
What to expect when working with you.

Features and Benefits

Features are what they get. Benefits are the advantages they receive. But Values are the underlying motivations driving their decision.

  • Whitening Toothpaste
  • That’s What They Get
  • A Brighter Smile
  • That’s The Advantage
  • Self Confidence
  • That’s the Motivation

Social Proof

“Why toot your own horn, when your customers will do it for you? Establish credibility with testimonials or a logo quilt showcasing your impressive clientele.”

– Sean Tambagahan

Here’s Your Last Chance!