“I see Mid India growing as we stay faithful to our mission. Butler helps us communicate what our mission is, and facilitate our growth”

Thomas CorraoUS Director, Mid India Christian Mission

“I want visionaries when working with a marketing company. I want something that’s never been done before. That’s why working with Butler Branding has been awesome.”

Zack FollettFounder - Kuppa Joy

“We don’t view Butler as just this marketing group that helps us. They’ve really been folded into Camarena as part of our team… Butler has played a tremendous role in helping us come from the ground up.”

Paul SoaresCEO - Camarena Health

Sean’s coaching has helped us position ourselves for the clients and projects we’ve been wanting! We just signed a contract for $15,000 for a single project – over double what we were traditionally able to charge.

Keihon SarkhoshWolfhand Creative Group

We were flying by the seat of our pants through everything.  Joining the cohort helped me clarify my value prop, our voice, and our messaging.  We re-branded, nailed down a solid proposal outline, and put together a deck that really got to the core of our business.  And in turn, produced accepted proposals at 5X what we were doing before. Now, I’m more than double our billings from Q1 last year!

Jay DuganRadical Creative

It seems like everyone has an opinion on how to grow an agency…But the Butler Box (and Sean’s coaching) is uniquely valuable to me because Sean is actually leading a growing agency. He still remembers where he started and what it took to reach success and he will help you get there. After Sean’s coaching, my revenue in the first quarter has equaled what I earned all of last year!

Matt CildermanCilderman Solutions